CompuBuild Technologies is an innovative provider of technology solutions for the construction industry. SubMaster, our flagship product, combines the tools subcontractors need to run their business efficiently and profitably into one, easy-to-use software solution.

Our software solutions provide quick access to critical information about your business, so you can make fast and accurate decisions. We offer new and innovative applications that utilize web based and mobile technologies to enable real-time paperless reporting and control of field labor and supervision.

CompuBuild Technologies, Inc. is a winning team of construction-oriented software and business experts who have been automating subcontractors since 1990.

"In 1987, T&R Painting was a small contracting company working on about 6 to 7 tracts of residential development homes. Each tract consisted of about 100 houses and each house had four separate draws for payment. This meant that the company had to bill each house four separate times. I found myself spending about two days a week in the office trying to keep track of billing. In addition, I had to keep track of retention on some jobs and purchase orders in a separate log. I approached a friend of mine to write a simple accounts receivable program that could keep track of what I had billed and what was left to be billed. He gave me a simple format from which I could monitor bidding, pay bills and keep track of payroll. Thus, was the birth of SubMaster.

Since then, we have enhanced the program in everyway imaginable. Subcontracting in the residential market has become a larger and more sophisticated business where the need for the right software is crucial. In my opinion, SubMaster brings the right business approach to subcontracting and is a necessary tool for managers and controllers alike, just like a hammer is a necessary tool for a framer.

With the help of Submaster, I was able to grow to a 70-million dollars business and still have time to be involved in other businesses."

Hagai Rapaport
Owner of SubMaster